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Opening symposium of Scientific Interest Group E.I.R.E. in Paris

Hello, we are very pleased to announce the launch of our Scientific Interest Group (in French, Groupent d’Intérêt Scientifique) in Irish Studies which will include 20 French universities and 2 Irish institutions. If you re interested in having your institution join the Group, please contact Anne Goarzin (anne.goarzin@univ-rennes2.fr) or Sylvie Mikowski (sylvie.mikowski@univ-reims.fr). Please find below the programme of the opening symposium. 

Opening Symposium of
GIS E.I.R.E : Etudes Irlandaises, Réseaux et Enjeux

Democracy, Human Rights and Diasporic Strategies in Ireland :
Emerging Networks and Models

Démocratie, droits humains et stratégie diasporique en Irlande :
modèles et réseaux émergents

Friday Jan 18, 2019

Accueil et café  Salle Athéna

Salle Athéna
Meeting of GIS participants :
discussion of future research orientations and projects. Financial resources
Repas libre / Lunch break (meal not included)
Intervention de Deirdre Farrell, Deputy Head of  Mission, Irish Embassy
Discussion panel 1: Diaspora, What Diaspora ?
Panel moderators : Anne Groutel (Université Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Speakers :
14.30-15 - Dr. Breda Gray (University of Limerick): ‘Diaspora’ - an elusive if increasingly amplified notion: What is at stake and for whom?
15-15.30 -Prof. Liam Kennedy (University College Dublin (UCD)): Irish Diaspora Strategy in the Age of Globalisation
Participating GIS Members:
Mary Maire and Christophe Poiré (Université de Lorraine-Metz): L’Irlande dans les programmes et les manuels scolaires d’histoire du second degré en France.
16.00: Pause Café/Coffee Break
Erick Falc’her Poyroux (Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes): (project presentation):  Irish music, an Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Laurent Daniel (Université de Lorient)(project presentation): The GAA in Europe.
Julien Guillaumond (Université Clermont-Auvergne) (project presentation): Connecting with the diaspora': can France and Ireland be compared?
RECEPTION, IRISH EMBASSY IN FRANCE, in presence of Her Excellency the Ambassador Patricia O’Brien
Light refreshments
Musical interlude
(Fabrice Mourlon – vocals Scott Flanigan - piano)
Irish Embassy in France
12, Avenue Foch, Paris (métro Etoile)
Saturday Jan 19, 2019
Université Paris 3- Sorbonne Nouvelle
Maison de la Recherche
Salle du Conseil

Discussion panel 2 : Writing and Performing Human Rights in Ireland

Panel convenors : Anne Goarzin (Université Rennes 2), Eva Urban ( Sen. George Mitchell Institute, Belfast), Lisa FitzGerald (Université de Nice)

Dr Rióna Ní Fhrighil, (NUIG, lead researcher of IRC project “Republic of Conscience: Human Rights and Modern Irish Poetry” at the Moore Institute, NUI Galway).
“Writer as Righter? Irish Poetry and Human Rights”.

Dr Sarah Jane Scaife, (Assistant Professor in Drama, Trinity College Dublin
Artistic Director, Company SJ)
“Beckett in the City: Reflecting the socio-cultural revelations of the past decade in Ireland, Company SJ inserts Beckett’s writing into the social and architectural spaces of the City of Dublin”.
Discussion with participating GIS members
Eva Urban, (Sen. George  Mitchell Institute, Queen's University Belfast)  : On the role of the institute.
Lisa FitzGerald, (Université de Nice), “Environmental Justice and the Body Politic”.
Marie Mianowski, (Université Grenoble-UGA), “ Narrative 4: Sharing experiences, making narratives”

Coffee break

Discussion Panel 3: Human Rights in Practice in Ireland

Panel moderators : Marie-Violaine Louvet (Université Toulouse-Capitole) and Bairbre Ní Chiosáin (Université Toulouse-Capitole)
Speaker 1:
Mary Lawlor, (Trinity College Dublin, Director of Front Line Defenders (2001-2016))
“Human Rights in Ireland: National and Foreign Policy”;

Speaker 2:
Liam Thornton, (School of Law, University College Dublin)
“Human Rights and Asylum Seekers: On the Margins?”

Panel moderators : Marie-Violaine Louvet (Université Toulouse-Capitole) and Bairbre Ní Chiosáin (Université Toulouse-Capitol

Lunch break on site Maison de la Recherche

Discussion panel 5 : Human rights in Ireland  
Room: Salle mezzanine
Moderator: Karin Fischer (Université d'Orléans)

Speakers :
14.30-14.55: Agnès Maillot (Dublin City University): “Do they really care? Political discourses on asylum”

14.55-15.20: Nathalie Sebbane (Université Paris 3- Sorbonne Nouvelle): “We’re just Magdalene women, we don’t deserve human rights”: how national and international recommendations are being implemented.

15.20-15.45: Charlotte Barcat (Université de Nantes): The European Convention on Human Rights, the Human Rights Act and the protection of human rights in Northern Ireland: recent evolutions and future prospects in the context of Brexit

15.45: Pause Café

16.00-16.45: round table discussion with guest speakers Mary Lawlor, Liam Thornton and participating GIS members

Discussion panel 4 : The Irish Diaspora in France
Moderator: Sylvie Mikowski (Université de Reims)
Room: Salle du Conseil
14.30-15.00: Dr. Piaras McEinri (University College Cork (UCC): The Irish in Paris: still an aberrant community?

15.00-15.30: Grainne O’Keeffe-Vigneron (Université Rennes 2): Who are the Irish in France today?

Participating GIS Members:

15.30-16.00: Jérémy Filet (Université de Lorraine) : From Nepotism to integration: the settlement of an Irish diaspora in the Duchy of Lorraine (1697-1766?)
16.00: Pause Café

16.15- 16.45:
Marion Naugrette-Fournier (Université Paris 3), Cliona Ni Riordain (Université Paris 3) et Sylvie Mikowski (Université de Reims): France translating Ireland: « L’Irlande littéraire » in translation

Closing remarks : Salle du Conseil


Cocktail  Maison de la Recherche

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