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Welcome to the Irish Itinerary!

Welcome to the Irish Itinerary!

The Irish Itinerary is an Irish cultural tour of Europe. This initiative of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) started in 2013 with the first Irish Itinerary. There were circuits in twelve countries all over Europe. The Itinerary, which kicked off in the year of Ireland’s European presidency, now begins its fourth installment. Go to our Itinerary Calender to see the upcoming events near you!

All programmes, participants, centres and photos from the past four instalments of the II can be found on this website. You can read our testimonials from all the previous events too!

Are you an artist who would like to be involved in travelling Europe sharing Irish culture and your work? Get in contact with us here

We hope to see you at one of our Itinerary events soon!

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