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The Irish Itinerary is an Irish cultural tour of Europe. This initiative of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) started in 2013 with the first Irish Itinerary.

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Irish Itinerary 2014: Central Europe Circuit

The Central Europe Circuit consists of Charles University of Prague in the Czech Republic, the University of Vienna in Austria and the Universities of Budapest, Debrecen and Pécs in Hungary. 

Irish Itinerary 2014: Italian Circuit

The University of Florence and the University of Sassari form the Italian circuit.

Irish Itinerary 2014: Southern Circuit

The Southern Circuit consists of universities in Spain and Portugal. In Portugal the universities of Lisbon, Braga, Porto and Coimbra are participating, while in Spain the universities of A Coruña and Oviedo.

Irish Itinerary 2014: Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit consists of the University of Agder and the University of Gothenburg. 

Irish Itinerary 2014: German - Dutch Circuit

The German-Dutch Circuit includes the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and the Universities of Saarbrücken, Mannheim and Wuppertal in Germany.

Irish Itinerary 2014: French - Belgian - Dutch Circuit

The French-Belgian-Dutch Circuit consists of the University of Leuven, the Radboud University Nijmegen and the University of Toulouse. 

Irish Itinerary - Galleries

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"Vona's reading in Saarbrücken, Germany was a wonderful event which was greatly enjoyed by all of us. Vona was a wonderful guest, and a brilliant and humorous reader who managed to entertain the audience and have it immerse in her poems at the same time. Together with a Q&A session and with the signing of plenty of copies of her publications, Vona's reading lasted for a good two hours. The students, teachers, and other guests were very interested in her work as a poet and teacher of poetry. Together with Vona's openness about her writing, it is no wonder that we had a lot of thought-provoking and interesting questions about a variety of topics raised in the poems and texts from her two latest publications, 'Selected Poems' and 'Four Sides Full'. --- The event was widely advertised through Saarland University's Chair of British Literary and Cultural Studies, the German-Irish Society Saarland, the press office of Saaland University, and in a variety of local cafés, pubs, and shops in the county. --- We were delighted to host Vona's reading in Saarbrücken and are hoping to be able to welcome her back at some point.

Sven Kretzschmar, German-Irish Society Saarland e.V.Irish Itinerary 2018

"We had a really great mini-tour of Scandinavia and all our hosts, Charles, Britta and Irene were so supportive, interesting and generous. We managed to jot down a few notes as we travelled around. This was the first visit to Norway and Sweden for Songs of Joyce. The show was very well received in all three locations and was enjoyed by those new to Joyce aswell as students and academics who felt it brought a fresh insight into the works."

"We performed in the town’s public library in Falun which meant we attracted a great number of members of the public and local politians as well as academic staff and students from the University of Dalarna. "

Sinead Murphy and Darina GallagherIrish Itinerary 2013

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill in Prague and Vienna – EFACIS Irish Itinerary 2017


Prague and Vienna had the honour to host celebrated poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill in September. The Prague reading was part of an Evening of Irish Literature and Music at the magnificent Strahov Monastery (15 September), featuring also writer, translator and scholar Alan Titley. The work of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill and Alan Titley was presented also in Czech translations by Daniela Theinová, Radvan Markus and Martin Světlík. The reading was accompanied by the music of Kateřina García and Síle Denvir, who performed Irish, Czech and Catalan songs.

This public event was hosted by the Centre for Irish Studies at Charles University as part of the international conference “Ar an Imeall i Lár an Domhain? An tairseachúlacht i litríocht agus i gcultúr na Gaeilge agus na hEorpa”, and was supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland and Culture Ireland via the EFACIS Irish Itinerary. It was covered in articles in the Irish Times and Tuairisc.

Following the Prague performance, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill continued on her journey to Vienna, where she gave a well-attended reading at Vienna University (18 September).

Ondřej Pilný, Charles University PragueIrish Itinerary 2018

“Claire Kilroy's reading on Bloomsday in Wuppertal was a great success. The Irish Itinerary really is a fantastic programme! 

At least 70 students, colleagues and Wuppertal citizens very much enjoyed the whole event. Claire Kilroy was an immensely charming guest, her reading from The Devil I Know was wholly enjoyable and she was very enthusiastic and gave us a lot of food for thought during the Q&A session after the reading. In addition, she spent hours signing her books and chatting with indivdual visitors after the event proper. 

I am also very grateful for the suggestion of the main organizers of the Irish Itinerary to find a location in the city center and to avoid the university premises. Doubting that many students would find their way into town after a long day on our (commuter) campus, I was skeptical, at first, whether this would prove to be a good idea. But it did! The proprietor and staff of the SWANE cafe were lovely hosts (who did not take any entrance fees and did not want me to pay for any of Claire Kilroy's drinks) and the location itself was just perfect. Although the audience consisted mostly of students, other interested people, who would probably not have joined us on campus, also found their way to the event. My colleagues and I were absolutely delighted and would certainly love to organise similar events in the future.” 

Katharina Rennhak, University of WuppertalIrish Itinerary 2015

"The little brochure we received with the lyrics of the songs really helped to follow the songs and understand their meanings. Gerry Smyth has a wonderful voice and a great sense of humour. The voice of his daughter on tape was even more beautiful . I never really heard any Irish music but I could appreciate it when I heard Gerry Smyth playing it. All in all this was a nice and playful course and I enjoyed it to the fullest."

Britt (student)Irish Itinerary 2013

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