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The Irish Itinerary is an Irish cultural tour of Europe. This initiative of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) started in 2013 with the first Irish Itinerary.

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Irish Itinerary 2014: Southern Circuit

The Southern Circuit consists of universities in Spain and Portugal. In Portugal the universities of Lisbon, Braga, Porto and Coimbra are participating, while in Spain the universities of A Coruña and Oviedo.

Irish Itinerary 2014: Central Europe Circuit

The Central Europe Circuit consists of Charles University of Prague in the Czech Republic, the University of Vienna in Austria and the Universities of Budapest, Debrecen and Pécs in Hungary. 

Irish Itinerary 2014: French - Belgian - Dutch Circuit

The French-Belgian-Dutch Circuit consists of the University of Leuven, the Radboud University Nijmegen and the University of Toulouse. 

Irish Itinerary 2014: Italian Circuit

The University of Florence and the University of Sassari form the Italian circuit.

Irish Itinerary 2014: German - Dutch Circuit

The German-Dutch Circuit includes the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and the Universities of Saarbrücken, Mannheim and Wuppertal in Germany.

Irish Itinerary 2014: Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit consists of the University of Agder and the University of Gothenburg. 

Irish Itinerary - Galleries

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“The title for my lecture is 'Significant Garments'. I will present a series of images created over the last 25 years of my visual art practice. A haute couture of garments that have multiple readings, ranging from police protective outer wear to Mairead Farrells Parka jacket worn in Armagh Women's prison.”

“… I had an incredibly inspiring time and everything was wonderfully well organised. France was wonderful I love this life travelling and lecturing.” 

“What a wonderful experience in Braga, I am sorry to be leaving”

Rita DuffyIrish Itinerary 2013

Glenn Patterson’s reading was a delightful event. He talked with a great sense of humour and grabbed everyone's attention with his words. I was surprised and excited at the same time to see how he is different than the image I had built in my mind about him. I was inspired by how he carries pen and pencil in his pocket so he could write anytime, and the way he appreciates nature and his city, Belfast. Through his words, I could envision what it is like to stand on top of Cave Hill and look down on his beloved city, and through his description and short reading from his book Number 5, I felt that everyone has a story of their own, none is more or less significant than the other, and even the smallest things, the most simple practices of life can be turned into beautiful writing.

3rd-year BA student, DebrecenIrish Itinerary 2014

“It was lovely to meet Mary Morrissy, and the workshop provided me with food for thought in my own writing. Keep up the good work.”

Paula FitzmauriceIrish Itinerary 2013

Glenn Patterson’s reading made me realize that brilliant writers are also people like us. When I read a book I sometimes think about the author, sitting in a chair in an idyllic place, pencil in his/her hand and his/her head full of amazing thoughts about a pre-planned story. Glenn Patterson, however, did not seem to be such a person, even though he had amazing thoughts and a pencil. He takes his thoughts from everyday situations and dilemmas he has experienced. The whole character of Mr Patterson is so loveable and funny that the audience often laughed out loud. Personally, I think that the best part of the reading was that he gave background information about the books from which he read out. For example, he described the origin of a key motif, that of the goldfish in Fat Lad. I liked when he said that he wrote about Belfast because it is his city and if he lived here he would write about Debrecen. 

3rd-year BA student, DebrecenIrish Itinerary 2014

“Claire Kilroy's reading on Bloomsday in Wuppertal was a great success. The Irish Itinerary really is a fantastic programme! 

At least 70 students, colleagues and Wuppertal citizens very much enjoyed the whole event. Claire Kilroy was an immensely charming guest, her reading from The Devil I Know was wholly enjoyable and she was very enthusiastic and gave us a lot of food for thought during the Q&A session after the reading. In addition, she spent hours signing her books and chatting with indivdual visitors after the event proper. 

I am also very grateful for the suggestion of the main organizers of the Irish Itinerary to find a location in the city center and to avoid the university premises. Doubting that many students would find their way into town after a long day on our (commuter) campus, I was skeptical, at first, whether this would prove to be a good idea. But it did! The proprietor and staff of the SWANE cafe were lovely hosts (who did not take any entrance fees and did not want me to pay for any of Claire Kilroy's drinks) and the location itself was just perfect. Although the audience consisted mostly of students, other interested people, who would probably not have joined us on campus, also found their way to the event. My colleagues and I were absolutely delighted and would certainly love to organise similar events in the future.” 

Katharina Rennhak, University of WuppertalIrish Itinerary 2015

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